About us


Get ready for a paradigm shift in thinking. We are too new to have industry bad habits & practices. Let us customize an approach for you! Labor is the force that pulls the tide - anyone doing the work drives your business, no matter what the job. We can find you help for driving your business: 1 person for several months; 30 people for one week; or 1 person for 1day. We can help you.

MATCH MAKING - We provide temporary help or probationary employees to companies that either need short-term help or want a vetting process that extends beyond the interview process. This answers the question, "What can you do for us?"

Combined,our ownership team has quite the eclectic background. Some of their experience includes: Wall Street Trading, Portfolio Management, Operations, Sales Management, Construction Management, Transportation, Government, and Pharmaceutical sales. So what does this have to do with our ability to place employees? Everything. We understand what you're looking for because we've worked in or touched a variety of industries. It's generally not a great idea to try being everything to everyone, and that's not who we are. Yet, it's rare that we won't understand what you need and how to interview and find that/those person/people. WE GET IT!

  • We approach your search as a project. We don't simply search for a BODY - unless that's all you require.
  • We believe in relationships. In this business, particularly at the lower income levels, you will get failures. It's the nature of the business. But we assure you that those failures are less frequent with us for two reasons:
    (1) We have relationships with our employees so they first don't want to let us down;
    (2) we don't send people out for a 2nd time who have not shown up for a job in the past. Every time is a first time.
  • We will begin a search without any obligation from you beyond a contract that allows us to do so.